Russ Harper is a decorated 13 year U.S. Army Veteran, local Pastor, Small Business owner, a father of five daughters and a husband to Saffi of 21 years. Russ was born and grew up in a small town in Georgia. He entered the US Army in 1998 and served for 13 years. His last duty station brought him to Newport News Virginia in 2004. While in the Army Russ was a Human Resources Specialist and in for the last 8 years of his military career he had to opportunity to be a vocalist for the US Army Band Europe Soldiers Chorus and in 2004 he became the lead vocalist for the United States Continental Army Band at Fort Monroe. 

After he was honorable discharged from the Army in 2008 Russ became a full-time minister of music at a local church. In 2009 Russ went back to school attending Regent University. Russ added another venture to his belt when in 2013 he started CRH Colorscapes LLC a painting and drywall company of which he still owns and operates today. In 2014 Russ graduated Regent University with his Bachelors and would continue on to receive his Masters Degree in 2016. In 2017 Russ and his wife Saffi planted a church in the Lee Hall area of Newport News. 

Russ has been an active part of Newport News for the past 17 years and he wants to do more. Even with a busy lifestyle family, running a small business, and Pastoring a church Russ has a strong desire to once again serve his community and state just as he did in the military. He is running for delegate because he believes that he can make a difference in Richmond that will positively affect all people of Newport News. 

Russ is a man who is all in or all out. He doesn’t believe in doing things halfway. He is very passionate about whatever endeavor he embarks upon and will always see it to completion. This journey to become Delegate of the 94th district will be no different. Below are just a few of the things that Russ has considered an important part of his day-to-day life and ones he believes should be important to you too. 

Faith: Russ is a man of faith and seeks to please God in everything he does in life. His faith in Christ Jesus is what keeps him grounded and seeking to always uphold truth. 

Family: Russ is a family man and believes that the familial unit is a hallmark of our society. Someone once said, “as the family goes, so goes society” (author unknown) and Russ strongly believes that. Strong family units are important for a functioning society. 

Fellowship: It is important to have a group of people around you that support you, keep you accountable and fight with and for you. 

Our Nation: Faith and Politics are often thought of as polar opposites, but Russ believes they can and should go hand in hand. It is important for people of faith to get involved in politics and be a part of their local, state and federal governments. It is important to continue to have conservative values within our governments. Our nation was founded on godly principles and it is what has kept us and blessed us for over 200 years. These principles should not be overlooked or swept under that rug, rather they should be promoted and continued.

Russ will always fight for what is right even in the face of great opposition or danger. Russ will never tire of standing for the truth and seeking to fight for the conservative values that he and many Virginians still believe in. 

Russ cares about the forgotten, the downtrodden and those others have ignored. As a Pastor and small business owner Russ understand the regular working man and woman often struggling to make ends meet, because he is one. Russ is one of us, he cares about us and if elected he will fight for us. As you vote this November remember this one simple phrase, “Russ is for Us”