Issue 1: Education not Indoctrination

Our public schools are in shambles. Newport News had the lowest scores on the peninsula last year. Violence, anxiety, depression and suicide rates are on the rise, test scores are horrendous, and our school boards are spending more time on CRT and Transgender Policies while the school system crumbles around them. We need true change. We need to actually invest in our children. The average cost for a child to attend public school each year in Virginia is $12,650. I want to put forth real school choice legislation, giving the parents the ability and the resources of that $12,650 to send their children to a school they believe will give their child the best opportunity at a quality education. This would include, Charter Schools, Private Schools and even Home School. Parents should not be forced to send their children to failing schools.

Issue 2: Right to Life

Virginia gave 6 million dollars to Planned Parenthood last year. Planned Parenthood performed (per their own website) 9.7 million services in 2019 (2020 stats not available). Of those 9.7 million services only 6% were for something other than abortion. That means 94% of their services were for doctor performed abortions or other termination of pregnancy services and Virginia actively funds and supports this. This is not ok! The democrats even repealed a law that required women to wait 24 hours before deciding to abort and they repealed a law that required that women be able to see and/or hear their baby before making the decision to abort. While these laws were in place Virginia saw a 40% reduction in abortions. We also know through research that 80% of women who have the chance to see and hear their baby decide to keep the baby. So why would the democrats get rid of these effective legislations? They removed them because they do not fit their narrative, they were losing money and it was damaging to their cause.

My cause is life.

I will fight for it and seek to preserve it. If elected I will seek to reinstate those laws that saved thousands of lives. I will also put forth a Freedom in Funding Act that would require the state to give the same amount of monies (taxpayer funds) that they annually give to planned parenthood, to crisis pregnancy centers. I would also seek to remove the red tape for adoptions making it more affordable and less time consuming. By doing these three simple things we could save thousands of lives and effectively overturn Roe v Wade without ever legislatively overturning it.

Issue 3: Constitutional Freedoms

I believe in our constitutional freedoms, and they are being threatened by those in power. We must be given the right to continual free speech, to bear arms, the right to vote and have free and fair elections and especially the right for religious freedom. These are hallmarks of our nation, and they are what truly sets us apart from all other nations of the world. If we lose these freedoms, we lose our nation. The Virginia legislature in the past 2 years have done more to remove, restrict and utterly destroy those rights. We cannot survive another round of leftist ideologues. Their failed policies and leadership have hurt all Virginians. They don’t care about your freedoms; they only care about furthering their un-American agenda. I will always stand without apology for our constitutional, God-given freedoms and will fight for legislation that upholds the constitution and American and Virginian values.

Issue 4: Election Integrity

Whether you are a first-time voter or have voted for 50 years you will see many changes in the way we vote this election and future elections. These changes are not favorable to a free and fair election. There has always been fraud in elections but today more than ever election fraud is a real threat to our commonwealth and our republic. We must stand and fight for election integrity. Many are already asking the question “does my vote even count anymore?” The truth is, if we leave those who are currently in power the answer will be no. They are drawing new district lines as we speak which are unfavorable to Republicans. They have enacted laws like no excuse absentee ballot (no identity requirements) and are pushing to completely remove voter id at the polls. They are trying to create a manipulated election system that favors their party. I will not let that happen and will stand on the belief that our elections are what sets us apart from the rest of the world. It is real simple: one person equals one vote, that one person should prove that they are who they say they are. You need an ID to buy alcohol, go to the doctor, get on a plane, buy insurance etc. It only allows those who should not be voting an opportunity to do so. We must fight for voter/election integrity. If we do not we may very well lose this commonwealth and American Republic.

Issue 5: Small Business

I am a small business owner myself. I have seen and felt first-hand what failed leadership and failed policies have done to small businesses here in the commonwealth of Virginia, especially Newport News. The democrats passed legislation that was pro big companies while passing other legislation that stunted small business. Virginia had an over 2 billion dollar surplus in which they could have allocated money to help reopen small businesses that were shut down by Covid. Instead, they opted to use the money to push forward their agenda, while not allowing the republican legislature to put forth a request on how the surplus was to be spent. The results are in: the current leaders in our legislature do not care about small business. They would rather push forward a partisan agenda than to help small businesses like yours and mine succeed and thrive. I will not be that person. I will fight every day to remove the burdensome regulations and taxes that have been placed upon us as small businesses. I will fight for you because I am one of you.

Issue 6: Law Enforcement

The men and women who put their lives on the line every day for your safety and mine should be fully supported, fully funded and fully protected under the law. The democrat legislation in Virginia, in their last legislative session, wanted to take away qualified immunity for our LEO’s. This means that every LEO could be sued by citizens for something as simple as a traffic stop. In other words, they could be sued for simply doing their job. Thankfully it did not pass but they have also put forth legislation that sought to effectively defund our LEO’s and make it a non-felony if someone were to assault an LEO. I will not defund them, or pass any legislation that makes it harder and less safe for them to do their job. I will defend them, stand with them and support them.